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Epiphone sighting "in the movies"


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(Not really "in the movies" but on my DVD player.)


Last night Leilani and I rented Walk Hard, the Dewey Cox Story, an irreverent, politically incorrect, at times tastless lampoon of both the music industry and music biopics. It was funny and over-the-top.


Through the time span of the film from the 50s to present, period correct instruments were used (kudos to the research department). John C Reilly did a fine job singing and covering the styles from Johnny Cash to Roy Orbison, to Bob Dylan to Disco-Kitsch to whatever.


Anyway, in the very last musical number, the guitarist had a cherry red Epiphone Casino complete with the white pickguard. And I realized that as much as I don't like the white pickup on the NAT Casino, it definitely worked on the cherry red one.



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