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Need TRC


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Blame RotocanX for this topic (ok' date=' not really but his topic about his new 61 Re-Issue made me think of it).

The TRC on my EPI also lacks the Gibson logo.

Where can I get one? Thanks[/quote']


Jeez youse guys! I'll have to start cluckin' like a mother hen...this topic has come

up several times before.


You can't get trc with "Gibson" or any official nomenclature (name) engraved on it

unless you can find something on e-Bay at ridiculous prices..er like those bumblebees. =D>


The best workaround solution (and probably the cheapest) is to get some pickguard material

from Stew-Mac or "Gravoply" (two ply black on white) from your local plastics place or engraver

of trophies. Get the profile on-line for the Epi trc or copy it from an existing Epi and then

take it to your local engraver and have them do the lettering in 10pt "Gothic" font, I believe.


Just be careful and don't turn something into something that it's not, by doing that..:D

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Check the GCs they usually have a bunch hanging on hooks behind the counter with the parts. I have gotten the blank ones in the past, but filed down the bottom hole so it is just flush with the nut and used the top Epiphone hole to mount it. It spaces out just right to hide the two bottom mounting holes.

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