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what went wrong


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I put two 6A diodes.. rat shackers.. off the back panel fuse on an orange wire running to the heaters..

heaters were 6.9..

I got nothing.


the only other thing I did was swap a 5K 10 cement R for a 5.6K 5W flameproof.

and that's fine.


no sound no readings at the heaters..


diodes were from gils recommend so I'm sure they are ok.

they are in stripe to the outside on each.. so they should be in correctly.


fuse is not blown.

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I told my son


A SERIES of events have led me to believe that in a PARALLEL universe, I'm not quite this stupid.


to which he replied.

you do realize a pun is the lowest form of humor?


I had them in series.


now it's fine.

sewatt back up?

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