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tech question.....


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I have a LP Studio that seems to have an issue with either the PUP or the selector switch.

When the guitar has been sitting for a day or so and I fire things up with the selector switch on treble, this god aweful muted sound comes out. I can tap on the bridge pickup and get an intermittent rap like its not really making a connection or something. BUT, doing nothing more to the pickup I move the selector switch back and forth 5 or so times and she then sounds good as new. sometimes I have to repeat the process a few times to get things right. So my question is:

Is there a cleaning needed for the selector switch and this is causing the Pup to receive / send muted signals or is it the Pup itself possibly with a bad connection or maybe just old and dying.

The part that is throwing me off is the fact that the selector problem should present no sound at all if there is no connection, not a muted cracky sound that has no sustain to it either. But if the pup was bad, why would throwing the selector switch back and forth do anything to correct the issue.


All other Pup selections sound just fine....puzzled...any suggestions


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pull both your back covers off.

Inspect the soldering on the pup's and the trebble/rhythm switch.

My LP used to do the same. Turned out to be a combo of bad soldering job, ( my fault) and dirt/dust in the switch. Compressed air or a good blow should clean it out.

There may also be a type of cleaning solution for the switch.

I won't pretend to know anything about it but, someone else might.

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will do....thanks. also had a setup done a month ago and had one of the pup trim rings replaced on the bridge Pup......the bell just went off in my head....duh....


I will follow your advice and do a little inspection and cleaning.....

any suggestion on the best way to clean a switch connection if compressed air is failing (corrosion)...I remember using a pencil eraser on copper contacts as a kid on those AFX mini track cars....that worked well to clean them up but is there a more modern way to do a better job.....an eraser is not going to get all the little spots clean.

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another thing to consider is pressing the contact strips in the switch so they are tight.

I did this to my lp studio and it's been good for months.


pull the cover off the switch..

using fine sandpaper. wet or dry.. say 400 grit minimum.. pull a small piece of it.. two inches long.. between the contact points while they are engaged..

then take a needle nose pliers.. and gently press the strips that run to the contact points together. just lightly.. until they press firm.


all that was wrong with mine was not enough tension on the contact points.

cleaning them didn't do it. though it's a good idea.. metal often gets a little oil or filmy surface when first manufactured..

so cleaning the contacts is a good idea..

sprays wont help much if the aren't connecting.. and sprays wont help with ALL contaminants.


there's a reason amp builders will rough out several points they are going to solder to in amps.. rough metal connects better, improved signal.

old metal.. starts to corrode a bit. accumulates dust and dirt in funny ways, too.. so a little strip of sandpaper can be a better alternative.


that. and being sure it's connecting tightly enough in the first place.

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