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the stock switch


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got this chassis from british audio.. left the power switch in for me.

but. whenever I went to plug in wires.. I noticed the plate the crimped end plugs into comes right out of the switch.


since I get power and could check voltages, it doesn't seem like that's any of the 'other' probem.

But it sure freaks me out to thing those tabs aren't connected inside except by just laying in there.

IOW, I can't see inside the switch but it's apparent that whatever is touching when you flip it, it's fairly loose.


What switch can I put in place of that huge thing?

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I'd just like to find some ornate brass plates from some drawer handles or something in a scrap heap and use those to cover the hole for a couple of regular toggles and a jewel light. Still looking.




STEAMPUNK!!!!!!! Oh yeah!!!!!=D>


I was playing with the idea of "Steampunking" my VJ, make the cab out of Oak with all kinds of brass and copper on it and a brass porthole on the front.

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