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how long will it be out


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i really want the limited edition epiphone silverburst les paul for christmas, but i dunno how long this guitar will be out, can anyone tell me about how long they think it should be, my parents would prolly order about 2 weeks before christmas and omg i hope it is still available


this says avaiable 9-16-08, does this mean when they get more or until they stop sellin them

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The date for 9-16-08 means that MF is currently out of stock. Sometimes they come back in stock by then, sometimes MF just changes it to a later date. Since it is a LE, you never know if they're going to come back. If they've been selling, Epiphone will be sure to bring them back (which is most likely going to happen). I've only heard good things from Sweetwater and I'm sure that if you called them, they could hold one for you for a couple of months.

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now if I had 'it', 'out'. and said until I'm done.. and close the door.. whatcha think I'd mean?

my toe?


if that's the part you're having trouble with.


Otherwise, you can put guitars on layaway just as people have done for xmas for ages.. I was saying I'd bet sweetwater would do it.

Maybe MF, too..



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