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The link you posted takes me to a patent information page. There is a link on that page to Grover 106s as well as

the 502's. As the 502's are listed as "Roto Grip" I will presume those are the ones you are interested in.

Although I have no personal experience with them, they are listed as "new" at stewmac.com for a cost

of $62 chrome or $72 gold. If my calculations are right that would be about 41GBP (chrome), 48GBP (gold).

Stew Mac also has a "spec" tab with full product measurements.


I think some of the guys were talking about them the other day:



Hope this is of some help. Maybe others can provide more information.

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There are two sets..

one is the older style which is self contained as in the description.

I have those on my lp.

the posts on the face of the headstock are a bit longer..

you thread through the hole, turn the button and it locks..


the others are new and have regular shaft length.. but with a button on the back.

now.. the description on that page may be for those.. as

the sets I've sold have no further instructions with them..

IOW it doesn't even say turn the new knob on the back.

I didn't keep them long enough to try them out, since I was sent the wrong size at first, and after

having to return and reship I got them sent right out untried.


I'm gonna have to buy a set and mount them just to see..


but, I know they're the same size as far as fit goes.. just be careful you don't get the mini buttons unless you want them.



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