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Update. The last test/post was done on a Line 6 amp I have hardly used. Turns out it's real easy to make the amp wonk out by turning the volumes up beyond like 3 on the clean channel. Forget the drive channel. Master is set to 5. This is a distortion/metal amp.


Plugged the new pups into my Epi Valve Standard and low and behold. Hum is not as noticeable. Funny thing is, these pups are not as hot as the old 57 copies that came with the guitar. Haven't had a chance to crank it up yet (night time here) and can't wait. My tone and volume controls actually do something other than on and off! I'm lovin the sound so far.


Still have the issue of the switch threads being too short to get a nut on it. Suggestions? Hope this makes sense. I'm tired. Been a long day.

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Is there an inner lock nut that can be screwed farther down? Change the inside washer for one that is thinner?

Good ideas. There's no inner nut and no washer. The threads are about half the length of the old switch. If I can find a knurled sleeve that reaches farther into the guitar body, it would work. Or maybe I should try and carve out the bottom inside of the hole in the top. I really don't want to replace the switch. It's been wired so nicely by Mojo. The old switch is broken. So that's not an option either.


Might go to my local guitar shop today and see if they have something.

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Here's the dremel attachment I used with my drill to sand the inside. The diameter is perfect for the switchcraft switch. The other tool is a magnet that makes it handy for fishing out the dremel when it drops into the guitar. The attachment gets put into the hole first through the bottom, then the drill is attached. It helps to have a pair of extra hands for this.




The little sander comes packaged with these others for @12 USD. I used an old corded drill - not a dremel.




Hope this helps others out there with an overseas made Epi upgrading to American type electronics.

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