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Which electric?


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Guest alanhindle

Set up and finish would probably vary equally between them all if you are ordering unseen and, as such, can't check. In terms of the need for less upgrading I would say the Goldtop because you're less likely to want to change the pickups.



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tough question..

best is so arguable.


The thing is.. epis doing a good enough job that if you have any out of box probs they're gonna be about equal.



Now.. I like p90s and doesn't the goldtop have 'em?

and I like semi hollows..


for me.. the goldtop would be way good.. easiest to adjust, less money outright, less money to upgrade..


so it's humbucks versus semi hollow versus p90s and the rest is mostly cosmetic.



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Get the goldtop. The P90's are awesome and the goldtops are discontinued. MF is selling them until I think August. Thats when they are supposed to stop receiving them. Once they're gone, they're gone. Then if you want one you will have to settle for one thats already been molested by someone else. Get the goldtop before its too late!!!!

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