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Has anyone tried one of these?




I am thinking of modding a guitar with one...



any thoughts?


Absolutely, noticed them a few weeks ago. Great idea to explore different sounds and tones. Unfortunately my two main gits are difficult to mod, soon as I get something capable of an upgrade I'll prob have a go at it.


And I know you can see a chinese strat on my liist, but I put some wilkinson pickups when I got it ($45) deliverd and I love the sound I'm getting out of it, so it's finished, maybe some cosmetics, holds tune as good as my epi's grovers, even after screwing with the trem. Great low action and the best neck I've played (still a learner but I know what feels right) it's a peach.


If you try them out on something please post a report here, I'd be really interested in the results.

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I haven't used the GFS modboards, but I have a Tacoma Electric Papoose that came with a built-in headphone/OD chip. It was HORRID! Noisy, way over the top and the tone knob was completely unusable. Also, it was hooked into the entire system, I had to completely re-wire the guitar to get rid of it. I put a SD CustomCustom in it, wired it to split the coils, a la PRS; now I keep it tuned in Open A. Really wide neck is great for slide or fingerpicking. Very fun guitar, though now I have to use an Amplug to listen on headphones.

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