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...it's just a hunch...

Steven Lister

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...but if the new mods sent email invitations to "banned members" to return to the forum, most of them would rejoin.


Most were sent away for lesser sins than what members regularly commit here now on a daily basis.

Some are back "early" b/c they sought re-entry directly. But is that the best way? What's the point besides total humiliation?


Why not give everyone a clean slate? How about it moderators -- you have their profile email.


Hit every BLUE NOTE baaaby..., I'm going to play on:-"

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There probably are some people who were ofcourse sent off due to some minor "crimes" and right, they should be brought back but how do you tell who's-who as in who did what to be sent off..?? then everyone's gonna be back, people like Marx ( was it the moderators who Booted him ?) and fubar...

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