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Line spider III

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always lots of debate on amp's.

Line 6 .. some people like them' date=',, some people don't... Don't think I'd buy another solid state amp again but that's just me.


on the Epip G-400,,, try asking that in the guitar section but this might help:




I sold (traded actually) my Vypyr 30, it was ok but just.


I had a Vox Valvetronix VT-30, I loved that amp but I returned it because of money issues, if I get another modeling amp it'll be another VT-30.

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I recommend the Fender GDEC,

below is the GDEC 30 which I have and is 30watts & has a 10" speaker,

but since the Line 6 you linked has an 8" speaker,

why not try the regular Fender GDEC which is 15 watts and has WAAAY more amp models, effects combinations and other options including built in rhythm tracks which are actually pretty good.

It should also be in your price range.

I GUARANTEE you will like it and it is definately better than the Line 6 crap, IMHO.

No, in fact, I second it with IMRO, In My Royal Opinion, LOL!!!




Jesus of thisisthefunnestlittleampi'veeverhadia

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