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Won't stay in tune

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Check the nut! See if it's binding...(does it sort of lag, or "ping" when you tune it?) If so...it's binding in the nut

slot! Just use the next size string, as kind of a "file" and open the slot up, very slightly..width wise, not depth!

And/Or...use a #2 pencil, sharpen it enough to fit down into the slot, move it back and forth, to leave lead powder,

to lube the slot (I do this on all my guitars on all the slots, at every string change...as a precaution), and that may

solve the problem. It could also be a bad string! Some people have more luck with a "wound" G, instead of the

plain/unwound ones. It's probably NOT you tuning machines, either...but, after all else, you could check that, too.

I'd try the nut lube, first.




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