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Fret Size vs. String Guage


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Is there any correlation between fret size and string guage? Specifically, is there a string guage that is better suited for certain fret sizes?


I ask this because I refretted my Squire Strat last year. I went from mediums to med-jumbos, and it seems that the med-jumbos kill lighter guage strings very quickly. I dont know if that is even possible to be honest. But the light guage strings go flat in about a week, as to my other guitars with lights on them seem to last much longer. And its not a "brand" thing. I've tried a couple different ones that all last three times longer on my other gits.


I havent tried any other guages yet, because I had lights already and then found that great deal at GC for lights.


My other theory would be that I didnt dress the frets properly, but they look ok. No flat spots, high spots or any other weirdness.


Any theories?

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I haven't noticed a difference between my Casino and my LTD with jumbo frets.


But then, I don't press them down very hard, only firmly enough to get a clear tone. When I started playing guitar I had the "grip of steel" but I found that I can play much faster with a light touch.


I change both guitars about once per month and if there is a difference, it isn't obvious enough for me to see.


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Thanks for the replys so far.


Bob, I do have a heavy hand and I play with bending alot, but I still get less than half the play time on that particular guitar compared to the others...they all have medium frets.


Maybe I'll invest in a set of contoured fret files and give it a once-over. It cant hurt, and my bass is due for a dressing anyhow.

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