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Amp cover and casters.


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Y'know, I spent a lot of time looking for casters specifically made for gutiar cabinets (Marshall, specifically), and I found out that those are sold at $20 A PIECE. Yeesh. I eventually came to the conclusion that a caster is a caster, no matter where you buy it from. I got casters for my Marshall cab at Lowe's for a whopping 15 bucks....for all four. All I had to do is grease up the bearings since they didn't really wanna move around freely at first. If you don't live near a Lowe's, you can get them online for the same price.


Covers on the other hand, I'm not sure since I don't own a BC30. I've seen vinyl covers for almost every amp I search for on Ebay. If your budget allows, you can get a road case that'll protect it against even the worst, and those have pretty sturdy casters on them. They're a bit pricey though.

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