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I've used the weber, the Hamm. 125ese and the MPS 08 and 010

I can say the Weber seems to do a bit more.. it's been too long since I heard the 125.. but.. I recall they were quite similar with the edge going to the hammond.. but.. that was a loooooong time ago and you know what about me then huh yeah?

the mps 08 is better than the stock vj for sure.. but the mps 010 better still and I'm quite fond of it.

I love the price I love the obvious benefit of the fullness .. and I have to say it's quite close to the weber.


I have a el84 now, too, another one besided mine I mean, just like this but tubes pointed up.

also mps 010 and it's sweet.

I'm still a bit sloppy.. or more than a bit maybe.. but I've really gotten an education and the amps are all holding up

*the guy with the buzz.. put his panels back like they were at first and the buzz left. heh.*


the worst thing though is how much I like doing it.

what am I doing with four working, two being worked on, and one in the mail?

and the baby will sitting there neglected.



but in the end, I praise my enablers!



thanks RSDx.. !

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