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Hey guys,


I'm working on restoring a harmony stella. It has a tailpiece and I was wondering if anyone knew what type of bridge goes on it. I got it from an old man down the road who had it sitting in garage since the late 90's when his wife made him put all of his gear out there to make room for her precious porcelain crap.



Anyways when i got it it was pretty busted up, basically the only hardware left on it was the tailpiece. The bridge was gone and the tuners were 3x3 on a plate and it was so bad it had the plates but was only a 1x2 lol.



please help.




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Not a lot of Stella experts here on the Epi forum, but if you can post some pics we might be able to make some intelligent guesses/comments. Here's the tutorial on how to post pics: http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=8886


If that doen't work, this guy seems to know a lot about Stellas: http://www.littlebrotherblues.com/Gear/Gambler/index.html

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OK, the pics aren't viewable at this end - you've posted the HTML address, not the image (IMG) file. Here's the photo that shows the body:




So, if you have the tailpiece, you'll need a flat-top floating bridge sorta like these...




...except for a flat top guitar. Those don't seem to be easy to find, so I'd call Stew Mac and ask them what to do. They must've run into this before, and they are very helpful about such things.


In any case, we also need pics of the tailpiece, post your IMG links when you get a chance.


Oh, and welcome to the forum.

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I have a harmony. actually a silvertone. but same deal different name. *S*

is it an archtop. they made some flat tops with tailpieces, too.


I can get you a bridge for it, gotta look it up though.

you want a set of grover sta tites.. I think they make them three on a plate, too..

open gears and good tuners and not expensive. I put 'em on mine.


you need a thumbwheel bridge.. two pieces thumbwheel in the middle.. but

I gotta know if it's archtop or flatop to know which bridge.



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