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I picked up an '95 Epi LP "Exotic" today. Checked the dater to

find out a little more info and it was made at the Samick Plant

February '95. Bare with me as the photo I dropped in reference

isn't mine, Identical guitar tho. The pic looks a little odd..? The

thing in your face looks outrageous! Really cool nat finish and

feels lighter to me than my other LP's with the exception of the

Ultra. Excuse me if I've termed this wrong, (exotic), That's all

I've run into as of yet. Any ol' way, Here she be...


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Anybody have any idea as to where I might try to look for any further

information on this crazy thing? Can't seem to locate much on it and

was curious as to what the finish is legitimately termed. '95 just too

far back or just such an OOgly obscure finish they're hidin' it..?

Thank you for any and all help...

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The back looks like a nice mahogany...can't tell too much about the front...some sort of maple?


Thank you Strum-

Yeah' date=' It's a "birdseye maple" vs "quilted maple" top with like you've stated

the usual maple body. I just haven't seen anything on it ie; Custom "exotic",

etc. Just curious what Epi kicked it out termed as. I'll have to keep kickin'

around the sites to see if I can find out some more info..? I'll get some of

my own pics up as I can. *Not that mine would be much better...[biggrin

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I remember those' date=' I have an old guitar player with an ad for them around here somewhere. Its birdseye maple (the top anyways), I don't recall if they had another name for it other than natural though.[/quote']


I'm sorry Ron...[biggrin]

'Spose I need to read thru before I spout huh...

Yes sir, That's sure what she is (bird's eye). It

might be that's exactly it, "Epi LP Stdrd natch

birds eye". I'll try to run down the GP ad[cool]

Thanks, I appreciate all the info!!!

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Guest icantbuyafender

Your good finds are making me glad I snatched up my recent acquisition before you got to it!




Beautiful guitar.

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I've gotten ahold of a couple that I sure wished I hadn't... This one is gonna be okay I think..?

Heck of a resonant body. I will go in today and pick up my LP +top transamber. Now that one,

Is by far the the LUCKIEST find in the fleet! The ol' "guitar gods" were all present that day...

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I stumbled on this vid/review of the birds eye. A liitle lengthy and dry, But

a purdy good look at it. Real nice guitar actually. This one will be at the techs

for a bit. I'm havin' him go thru it top to bottom, Inside 'n out. The body has

a super nice resonance to it, Sooo... I'm probly gonna go with some PAF pros

in this one..? Got some time to kick it around tho... He is so backed up doin'

setups for the Holidaze it's unreal!! I saw an ol' Electra SG copy when I was

in there yesterday mornin'... Man, It was immaculate!!!

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