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Triggerman 100 head


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Anybody played or heard these? Solid state 100 watts into 16 0hms(cool for VJ cabinets of which I have two) and really cheap used. I don't care about built in effects too much. Mostly wondering how the clean sounds and the reverb.

Please no "save up and get a tube amp". I have a couple of tube amps already and this isn't meant to replace them. Just another toy to play with. Interested to know how this amp sounds compared to other comparable solid state amps. As always thanks for any response. This forum rocks. David

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They are sill listed on Epiphone's web site as a current amp



and the valve senior isn't...


it's a lie...




anyway, i've got a firefly 30 (it's got the same dsp effects/reverb)

and as long as it's working right, the reverb sounds alright (but it doesn't always work right for me, sometimes it distorts funny and i don't know what that's about...)



If you don't need a 100w solid state head, i'd suggest the 60w 1x12 triggerman combo, or the firefly 30 (30w 1x10)


and the triggerman combo supposedly sounds better... can't say what i think, because i haven't heard the triggerman combo...

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I have the 100w head and the 60w combo and love them both - the electronics are pretty much the same except for the output stage. The cleans are really good - tube-like and sort of on the warmish side - and it takes dirt and modulation pedals well. The onboard fx are good; I use the delay for an always-on echo and the reverb is better than some spring units I've heard; like what you get on lower end Peaveys for example. I think they're really great amps and worth the money - the dirt channel is also pretty good once you learn how to eq it, but you can get get everything from fusion to psychedelic stuff out of it. The amp is perfect for blues, country, folk, classic rock - hard rock and metal need to come out of a pedal. There are plenty of reviews on harmony central and musicians friend if you want some more details. I would recommend them over a lot of lower end tube amps any day of the week.

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