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Which SG??


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I believe you're talking about the G400 and the Faded G400. Apart from the finish, they are exactly the same guitar. Same pickups, the lot. Older Korean Faded G400s will have the fingerboard bound in white, which some consider quite desirable. I have a regular G400 and I certainly don't feel as though it's missing anything without it. The fingerboard is still bound, but in a dark, rosewood coloured material, probably some kind of plastic.


Also, I believe the Faded G400 lacks a veneer over top of the body, so the grain is less pronounced. The veneer on a gloss finished G400 can sometimes look stripey and fake, but again, I'm more than happy with my own. Simply comes down to personal preference and what finish you like best. Whatever you decide, the G400 is a great value guitar and the stock pickups really wail. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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I'll put my '98 korina "lump of fire wood up against any Gibby "baseball bat" after 72 any day



MY Noisemakers:

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Epiphone 2003 Korina G-400 Sg

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I have to agree with Marcelo on his observations of the faded finishes. I know we all love to bag on Epiphone guitars fopr their "dipped in plastic" look, but that tough poly coating really does help to keep our precious instruments looking good for a long time. The faded guitars, Epi and Gibson both are very delicate!


As for the SG question, the only one I own is the SG Prophecy GX. It's a fantastic guitar, but I'm not sure it even qualifies as an SG. My buddy, Maniak has one of them too along with his amazing Korina!



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