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A Couple of questions:


Does the Pick guard off a Dot fit a Sheraton?




Is there a Black pick guard available for a Sheraton as I don't like the tortoise shell guard?


Any photos of a Sheraton with Black pick guard??

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Yes and no. The holes don't line up, but the pickup cut out should fit. I had 335 style pick guards made for my Dot and Sheraton. The only different was that the holes to mount the pick guards were in different places. I can't put up a pic now, I'm at work and photobucket is blocked. I had a black/cream/black pick guard made for my Sherry and a black/white/black pick guard made for my Dot. They look really looks nice. I've been thinking of doing a black/cream/black one for my Dot. The cream matches the binding really nice.

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