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Hi Gaz


Welcome to the Forum


Not quite sure what you mean as that's what all EJ200 headstocks look like. Assuming you're looking at buyig new then check out Andertons www.andertons.co.uk, Dawsons www.dawsons.co.uk or Guitar Village www.guitarvillage.co.uk


All have stock at last check


BTW worth adding your location to your profile - makes it easier for people to provide appropriate regional advice

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Hay Wiggy,thx for the quick reply.

If you look close you can see in the first 2 links,that there is no white trim,plus it has Gibson printed on it..the last link(whom ive emailed)has the white trim and EJ printed on it.






Thx again m8

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Ah see what you mean - they're actually two different models (bit like a Dot and Dot Studio)


The EJ200 and EJ200CE comes with a fully bound headstock and inlaid logo/decoration


The other one is the EJ200 Artist series which is much cheaper and doesn't have the binding, inlay and decoration on the pickguard and only has dot fretboard markers.

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I apologise if im being abit thick here lol,i can find plenty of the sunburst ej200's without the white trim,but none with it,other than guitar village.Can you link one with the trim and EJ logo for me......i really appreciate your help m8,and sry to be a pain.

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EJ200 Super Jumbo Sunburst




EJ200 Super Jumbo Vintage Sunburst




Due in 1st March (Sunburst)


Natural with gold hardware - 3 in stock



For clarification and in case some of the pictures you are looking at aren't that clear - If the fretboard has fancy fret markers, the pickguard has the flower design and the prices is around £260+ then it's an EJ200 and has the bound and inlaid headstock. If the fret markers are dots and it's around the £160 mark then it's the EJ200 Artist Series and not the one you're looking for.

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First post' date='so hello everyone

Basically im after a Epiphone EJ200 sunburst...But im having a problem finding one with the white trim on the guitar head,like this one-



Id be very greatful if someone could help me with this,cheers.....(im from the Uk)






here one and its only $125.000.000


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Oddly, my wife was at one of our local pawnbroker shops perusing used DVD movies a few days ago, and she saw an Epi EJ-200/VSB hanging on the wall..........she gave it a good "once over" and after determining that the neck,frets,body,and bridge were all good........she put it on layaway for me.

All she knows is that it's old, most of the painting has worn off the pg(no biggie to me)and she says it sounds GREAT!!

She said she's never gotten me a guitar before, and for some reason, she wants me to have THIS guitar.


Women like her only wander up once in a mans lifetime.glad I snagged her when she did.

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I would lookout on Ebay for a 2nd hand one , I have a new one and an old Korean one and they are quite different, I rate the korean models up there with the best, the new chinese ones seem to bit a bit more production line jobs, always loose parts and poorly finnished, I know they are cheap enough, but I would recomend if you get the chance to at least try an older one.

Good luck.

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