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gibby sighting IV


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here is dallas green, lead singer of city and colour playing small body gibby. he usually plays a j45 but i need help telling which one it is. nick lucas? RJ? smeck? L-00???




fellow ontarians dallas green and tragically hip singer gord downie collaborate on this tune i found on the NPR site.




the NPR site is a great archive of 'off the beaten path' style music that i find quite enriching. every tab on the main page leads you down a path of undiscovered gems. check it out. i hope you enjoy it as much as i have. i hope you guys enjoy this type of thread, as well - i think it helps complete the bigger picture that every thread in this forum has a part in - the pop culture aspect of gibson and the part it plays in our musical lives.

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i'm a big fan of kathleen edwards. she supported somebody (guster' date=' i think) a couple of years ago on our stage. bought all her cds that night at the merch stand. had never heard of her prior to that show. glad i paid attention that evening.[/quote']


SHE'S MINE!!!!!!! LOL...

colorado is where its at in 2 weeks @ the rocky mountain folks fest. check out this ticket, most up and comers but this guy (todd snider) has been around for a while. i'd forgotten what a great storyteller he is. this is too funny and he's playin' a gibby...well...almost...;)



great story here too. lyrically, he's nailed the feeling here about rich kid apathy.


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not a lot of gibby acoustic happ'nin' at lollapalooza but check out the day one photos. what is tom yorke playing? is that the gibson version of the thinline? scroll on a bit and you'll see jeff tweedy back where he belongs for two reasons - one, he's back in chicago and two, he's put away that silly breedlove (ok, its not that bad but that M1 p/u is over-rated) and is now using a j-45. good choice. maybe he came to canada and rented it from long and mcquade for a month so he could get a free tuner! then again, maybe not.





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