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New member here - seeing if I can get my pix up- modified Studio


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Great, that worked.

A few months ago, I bought a new Gibson LP Studio Classic White, but decided the change up the appearance a little bit. Wanted some opinions. All genuine Gibson parts. I love it, but can easily change it back if I want.

About me:

Played guitar since 11 yrs old (I'm now 55)

Have a 76 Standard burst, plain top, mint condition, I'm original owner, and I've always taken care of it. Despite what I've read about Norlin-era LP's, this one plays beautifully, always has.

Besides the new studio, I also have an 07 Epiphone Sheraton, black, which plays sweeter than I could have imagined.

Also have 1 Mexican strat, 1 American strat; plus a few other guitars not worth going into right now.


I have more pictures of my LP Studio I intend to put up.


brokenman (john)

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Hi and welcome.... your studio is beautiful!!! What a good looking guitar, congratulations.... Nice to have you with us... I'm 52 but I only started playing about a year ago... This is a great place to hang and you can learn a lot from the wide variety of people who frequent this forum.... Enjoy!!

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