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Gibson Pickup comparrison chart/graphic?

T Bone

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Somewhere, I have seen a graphic representation of the relative output of the various Gibson pickups. Useful for comparing how "hot" one should sound compared to another. I had it bookmarked in a reference section, but unfortunately not backed up. An unrecoverable hard drive crash later, I am trying to rebuild some resources on my new computer.


Specifically, I am considering a Historic Les Paul. Really like the 57 Classic and 57 Classic in my Classic Antique Les Paul, and was debating getting an earlier R7 with these pickups, vs. a newer model with the Burstbucker 1 & 2. The chart would give me a reference point at least to see how these all compared, giving me at least something to work with. Can't recall if the chart was even spotted on this site, though it seems natural something like that would be available here...


TIA for any help!

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