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From Wikipedia:

Ginger Littleton


(re. the 2010 Panama City School Board shooting) Duke (the shooter) told everyone in the room to leave, aside from the male board members seated at the elevated podium. On her way out, female Board member Ginger Littleton turned back into the room and attempted to disarm Duke by swinging her pocketbook at his gun. The attempt failed and Littleton fell to the floor; Duke made her leave the room at gunpoint. A week after the shootings, the pocketbook that Littleton used to hit Duke sold on Ebay for $13,000.


I'd say she earned her $13K

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Well, good for her.......


I stopped and prevented a robbery in 2000.....Not a good idea; I got hurt ( injured quite a bit ) and didn't recieve anything other than having done a good thing.......

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I could have avoided a terrible crime once.

But still I went ahead and got married.

I was released after 20 years.

I did the time. What a crime!



Three hots and a cot. And a cell mate to keep you company and warm on cold nights.


What more can you ask for?



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