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Before buying a SG

Monty Burns

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I want to remove this reply but can't! I missed seeing a couple of posts that made my initial reply redundant. How to cancel altogether? I've worked out the red minus button does NOT remove the goodies in the shopping cart here ... oh well.

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Resuming the discussions about my inability to have a shop in my area with available SGs, I ask you: what's the real color of the SG Standard HC?

I see pics where the color varies from bright red to brown, passing a beautiful amaranth.

Someone linking any pics where the color is quite credible that I could really find?

If bright red...I don't like too much, almost brown... if it would be wonderful (but I don't believe)

That's the reason because perhaps I'll take the ebony version

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Where did that come from. I personally would buy an SG Standard over Squier Bullet Strat anyday, and if I had the extra money maybe a '61 Reissue SG or the new limited edition 50th Anniversary SG Standard 24. If I didn't have that money I would go for an SG Special Faded, gloss finish SG Special or the '60's tribute SG Special with P90's pickups. After many years of playing Strat copies (both Squier and non Squier copies such as Peaveys and WAshburns) I am getting an SG Special Faded in worn red. It sounds hot through a Peavey Classic 20 tube amp or a Randall RH 50 tube head. If you are short on money get one and if you have the money get an SG Standard or a '61 Reissue SG. Also try looking at some vintage SG's from the '60's or '70's(Norlin period of Gibsons). Better that than a wimpy sounding, plain looking Strat and I can say that because I have played them.






SG Standards suck! Don't buy one. Go get a Squier bullet Strat if you want a truly professional grade guitar:) Seriously, If you want one, check em' out, if you don't get something else. I wouldn't buy any guitar without playing it first, but that's just me.

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my name is Bruno and I write from Italy

I'm going to buy a new Gibson SG Standard (ebony) but unfortunately I can't play the guitar before.

I think that Gibson is always a *sure shot* but I ask you: if I give you the serial number (before buy :P), you'll can tell me if (by the date of manufacture) there is some hidden problem or reason for withdrawing from the purchase?




if you are buying a brand new 2011 Gibson you may as well call Gibson to see if there are any known issues on the model you want.

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Color: which of the standard HC and '61R has the darker red?

I hate the light/bright red and I love the dark red, almost brown (maroon or burgundy or granata if you prefer)


Although, in the end probably I'll buy a '61 R ... but classic white if the seller will confirm me the very good price (1230euro - $1686,32)[glare]

What do you think?

[thumbup] or [thumbdn] ???




(Classic white... hoping that with time turn yellow [woot])

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