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the pot on the dot :rolleyes: should be 500k ohms, most of the time strats use 250k ohms for the single coils. But, don't panic your guitar wont blow up or die or anything. Basically the higher the value of pot the more treble it allows through, so basically all that would happen would happen is that it might sound a bit too bright. This could be compensated by turning the tone control down a notch when using the single coil, if you felt it needed it. If you change your pot to a 250k then the 'bucker might start to sound too bassy or muddy. if you are worried you could choose a pot with a value of 300k or 350k just to compromise.


Did that make any sense?

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What kind of single coil?


P90s usually use the same 500k pots and .022uf tone caps as humbuckers.

Fender-types usually use 250k pots and .047uf caps, which keep the pickups from being too trebly.


good point, what kind of single coil are you intending?

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There are generally accepted values, but nobody says you have to color inside the lines. It depends on what you're trying to accomplish. I had Biltoft P90s put on my Casino and my tech did new 500k pots with a .047 on the bridge pickup and a .022 on the neck. Before this guitar, I rarely used my neck pickups. But the Biltoft P90 I got was very acoustic sounding (by design) and the .022 sounds great there. The bridge pickup, with an alnico 5 magnet bites a little better with the .047 and the blend between the 2 is my favorite toggle position. Not sure how something like this would work in a strat or tele, but sometimes, the norm isn't always the answer.

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Which would be best for a close to fender jazzmaster sound

That would be a little tougher call as I've never owned one.

What I can tell you is that I believe the Jazzmaster pickups come in around 8K. (not even positive about that)


They are also wired slightly different utilizing slightly different electronics.



Jazzmaster single coils are an animal unto themselves. Here is an interesting read from Lollar:



Not saying you couldn't get a similar sound. I'm just not sure what would be your best bet.

Hopefully others will be more help.



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Hi, i couldn't resist it. I had to trawl youtube for some p90 and some jazzmaster.


Neither of these vids gives us much chance to hear em clean but, you can tell that although fairly similar the jazzmaster pickup has more jangle and the p90 is more growly IMO.



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