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A rare opportunity


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I've been asked over for a jam at my brothers place this weekend.

The cool part about it is it will be with the guys I used to play with every Saturday when I was about 17. I'm 48 now.

We all have varying degrees of ability but had all stopped playing for well over 25 years until recently. My brother is the exception. He is a regular gigging musician/bassman.

I was just talking about this bunch with my parents on the weekend and they remember being able to hear us from down the street playing smoke on the water and you really got me. Well, our versions anyway.

I'm really pumped to see the guys again.

Just thought I'd share some of my excitement.


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I think that's great.

Being able to reconnect with your roots is important as we get older.

Being able to get together a play after all these years might be challenging at first, but it's like riding a bike—you never forget how to ride one. You just have to climb on and go for a ride.

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That's cool, have fun. I recently got re-connected with my best friend during childhood thru High School. Lost each other after that and found ourselves again last year at my dad's funeral. Anyway, he used to play bass, but now plays guitar, we got together for a jam session a couple months ago and plan to get together again soon.


Good luck with your jam session.

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