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Vox AGA Acoustic Amp demo


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I bought the Vox AGA 150 amp a few months back. I would say my favourite thing about it is that when you play a steel strung or classical through it, is sounds still like an acoustic guitar!msp_thumbup.gif There is no fake-ness, just a real purity in the amp that projects the qualities of your guitar and not replace it with an artificial affectation of the amp.


It has two channels and the one I am playing through is the valve pre amp. It has two channels, two microphone inputs, a good eq, phantom power, two speakers and built solidly. I will post some more videos when I get the time. I am having a little break from the internet to finish some work off soon, but will show what vocals and steel strung sound like it soon! For now here is my classical plugged into it.



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