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New song

Silenced Fred

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Fuzz, that is good stuff.


I could hear the words, I could FEEL where you are coming from, and I could feel something from the tune. Honestly, writing a song that is as direct as that one with no "mystery" in the lyrics where what you say is what you mean is a rarity to have it be a "good" song.


You got some talent there.


Good guitar work, your playing on that serves the tune and you deliver it. And GREAT melody on the vocal.


Jus sayin'.

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Thanks guys!


I was really worried about the vocals because... Well... I didn't write anything down. I felt comfortable, and I think they have been my best yet.


The song still needs some work, completed structure, but I like it so far. Im gonna go get some studio time before I leave so a pro recording will be on the way in less than a month

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