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Gearbasher? MODS PLEASE don't move this thread it belongs here


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Gearbasher If your on this thread


Hows the recovery doing mate?


How many weeks are you in front of the Doctors expectations


Have your met the nurses expectations yet?


Let us know


All the best



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Still alive. The city-run hospital wanted to perform surgery on the clavicle. My ortho said not to. So, I opted to not have the surgery. I was told not to use the arm until the end of Oct. That's where I stand. No Guitar. No riding. I drive a stick..so, no driving. No pain in the shoulder, but the ribs are killing me. I'm popping pain killers like they are Pez (hope you Brits know what Pez are). Thanks for asking. I'll see this thread when it's moved.


P.S. I Posted a message in your Introduction thread about a British cyclist. Don't know if you saw it.

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Actually John' date=' this thread really doesn't belong here so it will probably get moved.


It sounds like it should be in a PM to Gearbasher.







You're right as usal LSG


But as evidenced lots of peeps care about pold pedal pusher! Lol

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