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Just picked this up on craigslist what do you think?


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This just popped up on craigslist and the price was too good to be true...I couldn't resist.

I'll start with the good news... It looks great, plays great, it's a mojo monster, came with the original case, and has a ton of potential.


And now the ugly... The neck has a vertical crack on the back of the headstock and two cracks/splits running down each side of the neck along the fretboard from the nut to about the 3rd fret. The bridge was replaced, the pick guard was broken and now has a separate piece for the input jack. Also, some positions on the toggle and selector switch are a bit noisy if the switch is not in perfect position. Tuners were replaced with Gotoh made in Japan tuning keys (two of which were installed upside down because these tuners were designed for a row tuning style headstock). The bass was refretted and last but not least...I think the bass was repainted/refinished which covered the decal serial number! [crying]


All that aside, it's a great players guitar. The cracks aren't that bad and they don't effect the playability or the sound of the instrument. It still stays in tune just fine and whoever refinished it did a pretty good job. I'm guessing it was refinished when the cracks were fixed. The scratchy/noisy switches will most likely go away with a good cleaning. The guy I got this from had it stored away for years without touching it. The frets are in fair shape, they still have a lot of life left in them. There aren't a lot of dings and scratches and IMO it's in really good shape for its age. The case is also in good shape. I wonder if the bass was originally white and might have just been "touched up," but I have no way of telling. Everything I said is just speculation, the guy I got it from didn't have a clue about it. He said that's the condition it was in when he got it from his father years ago. Any input on this bass would be greatly appreciated!


Now the tricky part, what is it worth?


This bass reached $675 and IMO is beat to hell and in worse shape.



Here's mine:











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The guys are right about taking it to a good luthier. That bass appears to have seen some action. it deserves a good checking out. Best of luck with it .

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