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Casino tail piece


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Here's a vintage '63 Casino:




and a current IBJL:




I can't tell if the '63 has a longer tailpiece or it's just narrower, but the strings seems to clear the tail at the same point as the neck tone control on both.

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Judging from those two pics, it seems the IBJL trapeze has a kink about 10 - 12 mm before the tailpiece so that the arms of the trapeze are parallel by the time they enter the tailpiece, on the vintage there seems to be no deviation and the arms of the trapeze and they enter the tailpiece at their natural angle.

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Did the vintage Casino's come with a longer tail piece than the modern Casino's? I saw a Casino on ebay that had a "longer" trapeze tail piece on it? Anybody know anything about this?


The USA tailpieces were approximately 6" long, most imports are around 5 1/2". The Lennon Revolution and 65 models have the longer tps, I'm not sure about the Inspired by.


If you check out All-Parts, they have a Standard and a Economy model, I believe the Standard is USA specs. I'm pretty sure the mounting holes on the bracket won't match, but the bracket should cover the old holes.




Standard left, econ right. Look at the diamonds...

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