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Another Epiphone Casino Thread


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I was going through some old photos of my Dad's career as a Macca impersonator and found these two from the filming of Paul's "No Other Baby" video for which my father was the "stunt" double. He was really just made to dress up and be in place for the lighting and condition tests and had to do all the scenes Sir Paul does in the video... but was lucky enough to spend 2 whole days working with McCartney and being in his company at times 1-to-1. Lucky dog!


The first picture is a modern Casino brought along for my Dad to use during the test shots. The second is a picture of my Dad with Macca's actual 1962 Casino and the third is a picture of the two of them. One of the few he was allowed to take on set. I've added the video at the end as well. If, like us, you know my dad well you can see some of the shots with him in it have been kept in the final cut. (1:04, 1:15, 1:23,2:03,2:50,2:55,3:03)








No Other Baby video

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Very cool. Forget the picture with Paul, the picture holding Paul's original Casino is the one I'd treasure. Man, that one is something else.

Cool stuff.


Yeah I agree! Lots of people get to meet Paul but few get to play his favourite guitar. Not that my Dad would have been up to much being a righty.

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