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Trying to figure out what year this is...


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This is the serial number: U5010234


Can I get any information on the guitar from this?


It's a les paul and I assume a Gibson, but I guess it could be epiphone... my father called me to ask for help and just gave me that number.


Thanks in advance!

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It is an Epiphone.


And to answer your original question' date=' the "U" means the Usung plant in Korea, the "5" means either 1995 or 2005 (99 percent sure it's 2005) and the 01 means january.[/quote']


Not to be nit picky, but you are correct to say it is a 1995 LP. If it were a 2005 the serial number would be: U0501....


So in closing, it looks like it is in great condition for a 13 year old guitar.


Good Luck

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