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Guitar Fetish Les paul DIY kit


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In need of money I sold most of my guitars... the only 4 that remain are my 2 Gibsons and my Epiphone SJ 200CE... anyway I discovered that guitar fetish sells guitat kits and I found a les paul kit for $200,,, has anyone ever worked on these guitars? If so how was your expierence working with it? And what are some tips, also found out that this one is a set neck instead of a bolt on which seems like a aplus to me... anyway thanks in advance

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Could be an interesting project. I always wondered about making one too.

Then decided, based on my skill level as a player, my building skills

came in even lower. So I gave the idea up.


A friend of mine has a few kit guitars he's bought over the years. One of

them he even bought all the parts individually to put it together. He thought

it would be fun to build them. Each would be a good winter project. They're

still in his basement - unassembled.


If you have the time and inclination to build one, definitely go for it. I've read

where others really enjoyed the process and learned a great deal. And wound up

with a nice playable guitar.

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Yeah bit it seems one of the draw backs are the quality of these kits. I've seen other sets and to be honest I really like these for their set neck, everyone else seems to have only bolt on les paul kits. I don't like bolt on necks that much so, maybe ill even learn now to add binding if that hasn't been done to the guitar.

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