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How is this Fuzz Tone?


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Trying to tweak out my pedals to get that 60s fuzz kinda tone, Pete Townsend Leeds and Hendrix band of gypsies kinda fuzz.


How is this so far?




Minus the delay, I like it a lot. It's got some Velcro-ish grit. A little too creamy on the low frequencies, but that may be what you're going for.

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Hey Dub!


Yes, at around that elaspe time I enabled the pickle vibe and later the beleive ring modulator. I'm looking for a single fuzz pedal that would do all that. Any suggestions? Does that even exist?

Yes there is one vintage pedal called the Psychedelic Machine that does exactly what you're looking for. It basically combines a Superfuzz circuit (the fuzz used by Townshend) with a Univibe circuit. The Superfuzz has some octavey sounds on it's own.


Or course you're not gonna find one of these for a reasonable amount of money though. There is one modern boutique recreation of the Psychedelic Machine that I know of, and that is the Paisley Vibra-Fuzz. For another option, you could contact John Lyons of Basic Audio and he'll custom build you one for a fair price.


Btw the green ringer is not a ring modulator.

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