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Gibson L-5 acoustic circa 57-59 model (blonde) cut-out and archtop


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A computer illiterate friend has a Gibson L-5 acoustic circa 57-59 model (blonde) cut-out and archtop that he is interested in selling on.


It is absolutely mint condition, complete with original case, with No mods.


Has anyone any suggestions about its valuation...even a ball park?..is it rare, or how could I find out more about it.


I know nothing about guitars and he knows nothing about internet....so its a nightmare combination for this situation...


Any suggestions or input would be great


Kind Regards

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A Picture would be good... that would be a good start..


I cant touch one of those for a while... but I would say... condition is everything on one of those L5s.. I will take a Guess on value.. 57 to 59 Cutaway.. $6.000 up ????.. L5Cs are Nice Guitars... The market is Soft,, but you never know..

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There was one for sale a few months ago in the $15K range , I believe it was in one of the larger guitar forum classifieds. I noticed it because I have a 1954 model. I don't know whether it sold or not.


It's unlikely to sell for that kind of money. I looked at a perfect 1935 Super 400 a few weeks ago that the guy wanted $12.5K for. It still hasn't sold. People ask a lot for these, but I don't see a lot of them selling.


The expert here is L-5 Larry (no great surprise, is it?). He may have some opinions, but without detailed pictures, it is all pixie dust to us.


What the owner needs to do is get a professional appraisal from Gruhn's. This will require detailed photos, and the expenditure of a few bucks. For a guitar of this value, that's the cheapest and best solution.

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