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Suhr Riot distortion pedal


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I'm in the market for a rocking distortion box. Looking for versatility to pull some crazy dirt, and do blues as well. From the reviews I've been reading, the Suhr Riot is more than great for rock and even metal. But for blues, I may have to get a different one. Besides TS's, what is a great blues overdrive pedal not to exceed $350 or so? Anyone? Bueller?..... [biggrin]



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To me, that thing does good overdrive tones. Not good distortion tones.




Some people are tired of that Plexi wannabe overdrive and miss the 80s and want that hot rodded high gain Marshall goodness without paying top dollar.


Just kiddin' around! Personally, I don't like dirt boxes that are supposed to replace amp gain, in favor of lower gain Tube Screamerish pedals to boost an already dirty amp into the ozone of gain goodness. (Les Paul-Tube Screamer-JCM 800=Tone Boner!). The Rat was an exception, though. But the Riot is the only distortion pedal aside from the aforementioned Rat that I would even consider replacing my precious amp distortion.


Again, to some players, having a tone similar to John Sykes, Doug Aldrich, and Warren DeMartini is a GOOD thing!

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