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Ahh Yes. Thought so. Very cool.


Incidentally, I hadn't realized that the Burst Bucker Pro is not a high output pickup. Do you find the Burst Bucker Pro's output level to be high enough? ...and how is the 'hum' and 'hiss' factor at higher gains? [i'd just try one, but i'm still waiting for one to show up in my berg ](*,)' ]



More than enough. I play Slayer and Megadeth type tones through my Mesa Dual Rec Roadster with no pedals.

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In the middle and neck pickup selector position, the Bridge tone control push/pull lets you also select which coil is in use when the coil taps are up. This thing really shits the bees knees. Seriously, the neck is super fast, and there are tones from DEAD Muddy to bright and clean, from thin to fat, this thing just ******* rocks!

That is not exactly correct. When you pull the bridge tone pot it makes the bridge humbucker bypass all settings, including the pup selector switch and sends it directly to the output jack. It bypasses all the electronics.

Here is a great explaination of how it all works.


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Sorry to say, the Tea Burst was returned. I started to investigate why I had string clearance on the bridge with the stop bar low. The Bridge was installed with less than acceptable tolerance. The tilt was bad enough that the string action went up and down with saddle adjustment. Camera phone pic below of bridge:




BUT, all was not lost. After a 240 mile round trip, I have this. Same this but in my preferred color, and a ONE PIECE BODY!!


Yes, I put the pickguard on. It is a functional item for me. [thumbup]









One Piece body. First I have seen on a LP. My 61 Re-Issue SG is one piece as well.



Was also able to set the action a bit lower on this one with NO buzz. Despite the inconvenience, I am quite content.

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I can't imagine making the action any lower on mine. I am used to playing my Martin though. I like to feel the strings and was actually thinking of raising the action a bit. Still it's easy to bend strings and there is no buzz and it has a robust sound. Higher action usually results in better tone but this ax is a monster.


Glad you finally got what you wanted. That's a Hertitage Cherry Sunburst? Looks great with the pickguard, just like an LP should.

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