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What Les Paul is this?


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It is simply what the seller stated it was. It is a Les Paul Special, Deluxe due to the flamed top :D The studio LP's have carved top. This one is a flat-top.

+1...Yes indeed. 100% correct.

He doesn't state the year but I'm thinking it is less than 10 years old.

For a while they were making some with humbuckers.

Regular Specials look more like my avatar with soap bar P-90s and that pickguard that

is unique to Specials.



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reasonable price?

Well...I have research the FAIR price of a good, AVERAGE condition Special and I come up with 650. (preparing to sell one, recent). And then you have to figure the fair price for a regular studio model, which I am GUESSING would also be about 650. (Don't know for sure?). Plus top MAYBE 750-850?.


So on the one hand, if you compare it too a Studio with a flame top, it takes a "hit" because of the flat top. If you compare it to a special, do you ADD for the flame top and humbuckers, or SUBTRACT because it isn't the full "SPECIAL" model?


It COULD be a fair price IF you really like it, but I could see it selling for 500 bones too. What does the Blue Book say?

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