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Got an AC15C1 yhe oyher day and like the tone after

fiddling with the controls for a while.

However yesterday the cheap chinese tubes gave up (screeching, whistling noise)

and I'll bring it back for warranty.

I have no idea what tubes they will put in for replacement but my plan

in the long run is for JJ tubes.

Anyone got expeience with these?

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I have one of the new handwired AC30's and had the exact same issue with the junk Ruby Tubes they come with (crapped out after 4 months). I put in a matched quad of JJ EL84s as well as a JJ GZ34 rec tube and replaced the 12ax7s with tung sol reissues. Love the tone I'm getting out of it now.

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Like 90% of players will recommend JJs they are consistent and sound good, they can be temperamental when they go out.


I don't think they are the best tubes out there, like Jeff said Tung Sol on the pre-amp, they are really superior to the JJs.


I swapped the JJ EL84s on my Mesa because I never liked how they sounded 100% they almost got there but they never sounded the originals they replaced, then again Mesa puts a lot of care in selecting their tubes. I ended up using Mullards and like'em better.


The thing about tubes is that every amp model/brand is different, the same tube will make one amp sound great while they may be terrible in a different circuit.


The way to go is to try different tubes in your amp but it gets expensive.

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JJ's EL84s are good tubes - consistent and durable. I've owned many sets. They are sort of "middle of the road" tone wise (and that's not a bad thing). You might check out the Mullard reissues too. I love their tone - a little more bluesey bite perhaps.


Another thought, you might consider the new EL844 (yes an extra 4 on there) that JJ is making. It is slightly less powerful, meaning you lose a little headroom but get to your amps sweet spot a little sooner. If you are running your AC15 wide open this would not be a good choice probably, but it's great for getting to that grind a little sooner. I recenlty put them in my 18 watt Marshall and am impressed. I used one in my Class 5 Marshall as well.


There are some good reviews of EL84 tubes here... http://thetubestore.com/el84review.html

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