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My new jammy


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That was excellent! I really enjoyed it!




What was playing the 'Hammond Organ' parts? Was it a keyboard or some clever pedal that makes a guitar sound like one?






The Hammond along with the drums were a set of Sony ACID loops.

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What program were you using to edit and put together the video? It looked great.


I use Sony Vegas for all my video editing. In a pinch I have use Microsoft Movie Maker before and it's fantastic for something that's free but I'm more at home with Sony programs like Sound Forge, ACID and Vegas.

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That's too cool, dude.


You have a knack for those "cool", short little riffs that kinda stab into the moment giving everything around an aura of "cool".


What is that? Mojo?


Thank you Sir.


Mojo Shmojo. It's likely ADD or something. [thumbup]

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