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Faded/Worn finish Flying V & Explorer Basses


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My local Guitar Center has a new faded/worn finish Flying V bass in Cherry, and they say they had just sold an Explorer bass in a faded/worn in walnut or sunburst finish. Anyone have any info on these? The guys at Guitar Center seemed to think they were GC in store only special models. At $899 they seemed like a great deal. I really enjoyed the V - the neck was wider than a T-bird, but the QC was spot on and it sounded great through an Ampeg BA115.

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I saw an Explorer with a satin 'burst at Guitar Center a little while ago. it was very nice looking and I'm not even an Explorer kind of guy. they actually had 6 Gibson basses on the wall. shocking!


the poor little SGs looked like halflings!







6 Gibsons! Holy Moly! That's unheard of. Last year(?) I was at the GC flagship store in Manhattan (14th Street) and the Novoselic RD had just come out. One of those, one EB(SG) and a couple of Epiphones (one LP and a Casady). The Gibby's just don't garner enough love to make a stand unfortunately. Ibanez and Schecter up the wazoo - not that they're necessarily bad, but clearly it's what sells. Oh, and a bunch of Warwicks were also amidst the Fender forest. Go figure....

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the KN RD is underrated, its the last bass you notice in the picture.


I have an urge for the Explorer, only problem i will have is if it comes with a gig bag i'll be spending almost as half the amount for a hardcase- being near the price of the previous model in total.


Am i right in saying it sounds and perhaps feels exactly like a Thunderbird?



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