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Nylon Saddles for Epiphone Casino


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Haven't got a Casino so I'm just speculating.


Is the ground line for the strings connected to the bridge?

Maybe a roller bridge?


If you want something slicker than a standard saddle...maybe Graphtech? Actually I think they might make conductive saddles....don't know.


Just some stuff to think about.



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Yeah, the strings ground through the bridge. I never thought about the grounding scheme part. The old Casinos from the 1960s came stock with nylon saddles so I'm not sure what they did about grounding there.


I generally use Teflon lube on the saddles so I'm not really looking for anything slicker. I just want to kill some highs and shorten the decay. Would the GraphTech saddles accomplish this?

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If you are looking to change your tone, have you considered changing your magnets in your pickups?

There is a guy named Blueman335 around here that has written some very informative posts.

You may want to take a few minutes and read some of these:








I believe he gets his magnets from online at Addiction FX.


As to the Graph Tech saddles go to their website and check around:


They have F.A.Q. pages for most all of their products.


Hope others are of more help.



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I have the GEP103B with plastic (nylon?) saddles and it seems from the website that is now called the GEP104B. The saddles come un-notched so you file them for your string spacing. I never installed that bridge on the guitar as I stayed with the stock bridge and replaced the metal saddles with Graphtech string saver saddles. I have the trapeze tailpiece, not a Bigsby. There is a wire that connects to the tailpiece where it attaches to the body that I think grounds the strings to the electronics so that saddles not made of metal can be used on a Casino.


Metal saddles have a pronounced 2 KHz treble spike that dominates the tonal spectrum. String Saver Originals have a more balanced tone with sizzling highs, full mids, and big open lows. You will also notice an increase in sustain by up to 25% over brass saddles and 15% over steel.


Probably not what you are what you're looking for, Imbuedblue.

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I put nylon saddles on my Epiphone Casino. I had to buy an ABR1 style bridge so that they would fit and i just left them unnotched and the strings found their own groove on the saddles.


I did this to make it more authentic looking for my Beatles band but didn't notice an incredible change. It's shortened the attack i think which gives it a slightly less modern sound and the good thing is the saddles will corrode much more slowly, if at all than the stock ones which normally get very grimey and oxidised on my guitars.


If you're looking for more tone in some way then I wouldn't suggest them, if you're trying to tame your tone a bit for a more 60s sound then it might be something you'd be into.

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