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Help Me Install New Pick Ups

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I got some new pick ups (DiMarzio SD, Dean 79 series P/U) that I wanna install on my new Gibson Les Paul, but when I went to open up the back I noticed that its a whole new ball game back there with PC connectors and a circut board.


How would I go about installing them? I couldn't find anything on You Tube to help me. Don't really want to take it to a tech as they charge alot here.


Any help?

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I've not had a chance to look at any guitars with that kind of circuitry yet, but it should be possible to just connect the new pickup's wires to where the old one's were in the traditional way.

Just detach the two pickup wires (with stock Gibson pickups they should have one wire each going to a volume pot, and the shielding of the wire soldered to the pot's casing). should be a simple matter to connect the new pickups in the same way. (if the new pickups have multiple connectors make sure you know which ones you need).


if it's more complicated than that, a pic or two would help.

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