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As i love the greenbacks in my Marshall bluesbreaker i wanna have something similar in my 2*12 Marshall 1936v cabinet(8ohm mono 140 watt 16ohm stereo 2*70 watt).Have heard so much great about the celestion G H 12 65. I see this is rated 15 ohm. Is that for a special amp or can i replace them with my 16 ohm vintage 30s. Gonna use Mesa Boogie Stiletto Ace with the 2*12 cabinet


Anyone tried to mix vintage 30 and greenbacks (25 watt) in a 2*12 cabinet?


Is a low watt speaker as greenback not as loud as a vintage 30(60watt) or is it just that the low watt speaker "break up" earlier and hasn't the same "headroom"


BTW have a look at this great speaker test


I liked the greenbacks best in this test, followed by vintage 30

Whats your best?


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