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Don't fear the torefied maple


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Honest. It's fine. Have had my first go with a Gibson using it, and I don't love the axe any less for it. I find it very useful infact.


I picked up an SG standard P90 about 2 Months ago. I have a Bigsby Rigged SG classic too- and since about half of my band's tunes are slide guitar tunes- I wanted a P90 rigged SG to dedicate to slide work.


The tone of the standard with baked maple in conjunction with glass slide is just wonderful. It isn't all hype- it is snappy like ebony, just like Gibson says. My SG classic

is a little darker for the Rosewood. The difference is so subtle though- only a guitar player would ever notice.


If I wanted a historically correct guitar I'd buy the real deal used or from the Custom shop. If you are a player who loves good tone and a good guitar though- do not fear the Torrefied maple. It's a good environmental choice and it makes a fine fretboard.

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I LOVE the torrefied maple fretboard on my LP Classic Custom. I would buy another guitar with this material in a heartbeat. If rosewood and ebony return to the production line I hope Gibson keeps offerring torrified maple too.


Gashole, the difference in your tone may also include the age difference between the two guitars and no two pieces of wood are alike, even when cut from the same tree. That's the beauty of wood. There's no question I can get some incredible crystal clear tones out of my LP Classic Custom when I want it though... [thumbup]

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