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Eric Clapton's SG


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Clapton sounded so good playing Gibsons, he should go back to them

I agree.His "TONE"was unbeatable with the Gibsons he played.I read he hates whammy bars thats why his signature strat comes with it blocked.Also his strat has a mid-boost push pull to fatten the thin sound of his strat.I owned a 64 strat(original,and the differance between that and my SG standard are miles apart.My SG Standard is the best playing,best tone-wise guitar I've ever owned and I've owned Les Pauls,SG with P-90's(old from 60's)RIC'S,Vox,Electra MPC Les Paul Black Beauty and numerious other guitars,I would't trade my SG standard for any of them(Although I wish I'd kept the Electra MPC).

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